1. Q: What's the best way to find out about your poster releases?
A: Announcement are made one week before the sale on our Facebook page. On the day of the sale itself, we will announce the release via Twitter and Facebook.
2. Q: How do you ship your posters?
A:  Our posters are shipped in 4 mm thick cardboard shipping tubes. The poster is carefully rolled in kraft paper as well as tissue paper. The lids are stitched onto the tube to seal it.
3. Q: I live nextdoor to you. Can I pick up my order from your office?
A: Yes. Please contact us first and we'll let you know when our prints are available.
4. Q: I received my poster and it is damaged. Is it possible to get a replacement?
A: If you have chosen the insured shipping option, once you have sent us pictures of the damaged poster, we'll be happy to exchange it for you. Please contact us to make sure a replacement poster is available.
5. Q: I missed a release. Will you be printing more?
A: No, sorry, all of our posters are limited editions and will never be reprinted. We recommend that you follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook or subscribe to our blog so you get the most recent news on our releases. 6. Q: Am I allowed to purchase multiple copies of a print?
A: Yes, however, we do limit the number of prints to 20 copies maximum per customer/address.


7. Q: Could you combine two orders for shipping?
A: If the item isn't restricted to one-per-customer and the first order hasn't already been shipped, we will combine the orders into one shipment.
8. Q: How long does it take for my order to be shipped?
A: Orders are usually shipped within 3 to 4 weeks of the release via Belgian Post Services: bpack World (track & trace + insured) or bpack World Light (track & trace - no insurance). Logistics sometimes prevent us from shipping posters immediately, so please note large releases may take a bit longer.
If you suspect your order has been lost or not processed click here to contact us.
9. Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: All poster sales are final.